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When & Where

Butler’s Fish and Steak

538 N Glenfield Road
New Albany, MS 38652

Serving Hours 
Fridays 10:30 AM–2 PM & 4:30–9 PM
Saturdays 4–9 PM
Sundays 10:30 AM–2:30 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday 10:30 AM–2 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM–2 PM & 4:30–9 PM

Don’t worry, while we are a mile or so off the beaten path, it’s not far to something amazing! Don’t hesitate to tap that call button of you need further assistance. Here are some quick directions or you can get directions on your phone with a click to a links above!

FROM I-22 (Memphis/Tupelo)

Take exit #60 off of I-22 in New Albany to Munsford drive. You’ll want to head East (next turn isn’t far). After a short drive, take a right onto Highway 178 (Bankhead). After you’ve passed the Budget Inn, prepare for a left turn at the traffic light onto North Glenfield Road (Sam T Barkley). Cross the train tracks and in the curve, just ahead, you’ll make that final left turn on to County Road 75. After a short mile, you’ll see us on the right.

FROM Hwy 15 (Ripley, MS)

Just as you roll north of town from Blue Mountain/Ripley, MS, look for a right turn on to road 269 (Sam T. Barkley). Drive West approximately 2.5 miles and, as you enter the curve, look for a right turn on to County Road 75. After a short mile, you’ll see us on the right.

Questions about your visit? Ask away in the box below.

Feedback & Brag Form

We truly value your feedback. Please use the following form to send us a message or, even better - to give us feedback on our amazing staff! We always want your experience to be the best, from the food to the friendships we make with return guests!

Is the salad bar included?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Salad bar is included with nightly and Sunday buffets. Salad bar costs extra with lunch buffet.

Is dessert included?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Dessert is included with all buffets and is ordered separately with other menu items.

Is drink included with buffet?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Drink is included with lunch buffet. No drink is included with seafood or evening buffets

Are crab legs included on bar?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

No, they must be ordered and waitress brings to the table.

What type of oil do you use?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Butler’s uses Soybean not peanut oil for our food.

Are we buffet only?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Nope! We have a pretty extensive menu from which to order. Check it out here!

Is alcohol served?2023-07-18T14:28:30-05:00

We do serve beer and light wine. Please check our menu for options.

Is Butler’s handicap accessible?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Yes! Our facilities are completely handicap accessible.

Do you take credit cards?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Yes, with a 4% processing fee. Cash is always accepted.

Are there gluten free options?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Yes! Be sure to let your server know. One of our owners has celiac, so we know the deal!

Do you take reservations?2023-08-24T10:25:58-05:00

At this time, we are unable to reserve tables.

What time should I arrive?2023-07-10T22:18:03-05:00

Butler’s busiest evening is Saturday, for sure, so early birds are definitely encouraged (especially for long rides). You can expect up to 2+ hours wait toward the 5 o’clock hour. Fridays and Thursday nights are a little more timely, but do expect some delay after 5:00.

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